Meet Our Team

Ronald R. Day ("Ron")

Ron is the acting Manager and President of Unlimited Construction. Ron has been involved with the oil and gas industry for decades. He has an extensive construction, development, and mining background. Although Ron also manages several other real estate, investment, and service companies, his primary focus remains on soil remediation.

Brandon Day

Brandon is the Vice President of Unlimited Construction. In his role, Brandon is primarily responsible for all projects in Utah along with maintaining the employees, office staff and day-to-day management. Brandon has been involved in the construction, oil and gas, and ranching business for nearly all his life.

Eddy Courtright

Eddy was born and raised in the oil and gas industry. Eddy has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than thirty (30) years throughout Utah, North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming and California. He serves as the General Manager for Unlimited Construction overseeing most projects and working on a daily basis with the individual project managers.

Jake Stone

Jake is the Safety Manager for Unlimited Construction. Jake was retained by Unlimited Construction because of his uncompromising commitment to safety. Jake has been involved with construction and oil/gas safety for over twenty (20) years. Jake is a certified trainer of over 55 training courses, including OSHA 10, OSHA 20, PEC (Safeland, Core, H2S Clear) and Hazwopper 40.

Other Employees

Unlimited Construction hires only those individuals who are well qualified, highly motivated, and committed to the remediation process. Several of Unlimited’s employees have been with the company for many years, contrary to the industry norm. Unlimited is committed to its employees and their individual success through their work with the company.